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Monday, April 27, 2015

" COAT OF MOTLEY COLOURS"----a celebration of friendship !!

"Coat of motley colours"--- a celebration of friendship !

               “ Coat of Motley Colours “ or COMC  is not a mere phrase or an abbreviation.    
    It is a batch of people who pursued five years of medical education together in Gauhati Medical College way back in 1989 to 1994. it is a name coined thoughtfully and passionately by their comrade Nirupam Goswami  who shockingly met with an accident soon after they came up with their first journal in  1995.
                How very aptly was the name coined for the batch with a difference!
   The white coat that they chose to wear by enrolling into the medical fraternity, this particular batch saw motley colours within themselves and thus their polychromatic congregation has indeed stood out from the rest in their perspective. The innocent, anxious yet confused minds of that batch destined to percolate each other’s life way back in 1989 are now dignified statures of the society catering their skilled dexterity to combat various illnesses of the people at large. But no matter how much greatness they have achieved in social standards, their hearts have preserved the same euphoria of love for their friends even after two and a half decades of time.
            What is the reason of my intense exfoliation of emotions towards them?
   The friendship that they share has appealed me to sketch a picture of it with my words. Although I am not a part of them but has a string attached which gave me an opportunity to witness their dazzling friendship attaining neon brightness. I happen to be the spouse of Rituraj, a shade of this polychromatic congregation, hence my participation.
   As they celebrated the completion of their silver years in IORA,Kaziranga ,with much fervor and nostalgic pomp, I closely availed the chance to experience their illuminated silver spirits.
   As an Aquarian, I have always been fascinated by Friendship, simple and true. Therefore, this magnanimous celebration of their friendship enthralled me in a very special way.
      “Pack up quickly ... we will have to leave for Kaziranga tomorrow morning at the earliest,” Ritu announced after he came back from his evening rounds in the hospital. “ But we were supposed to go on 26th ? “ my query almost annoyed him as he was calculating how to reach the venue on the D-day as some organization declared a bandh due to the inhuman killings by the terrorists group. This surprise schedule put me on my toes to pack up our things as soon as possible. We decided to travel to a close proximity of IORA and thus booked a hotel room in Bokakhat.
   We reached Bokakhat in the evening and put up in a hotel just 20 minutes away from IORA. I have never seen such enthusiasm in Ritu in the last 20 years of our courtship. The following day bandh was supported and observed by one and all as the incident of killing innocent children and women by the terrorists were vehemently condemned. After 5 pm , when the so called bandh ended , we set out for the venue.
The reception of IORA was full of familiar faces busy checking in into their respective rooms and the organizers giving away a bag full of mementoes to each and every member of the batch with warm hugs and joyous laughter that echoed in the kaziranga wilderness. History was on the making, the once slender figures attained pounds of extra mass and emerged a lot different in  their appearances but their hearts were still sparkling with the same essence of friendship for which they have traversed thousands of miles to get together on that day. Isn’t it a fascinating aspect of friendship?
   While we approached the reception , Ritu seemed overwhelmed to meet his friends while me and my two daughters watched them from a distance. Most of the faces were familiar to me as I know them for as long as 20 years and hence I greeted them with my warmest smile. Ritu hurriedly deposited a bag to us and went back to enquire about our room to check in. Me and my elder daughter decided to explore the bag  and was utterly surprised to have found a novel  addressed to my elder daughter’s name . I could read her happiness in her smile and found that the bag has been packed with gifts for each and every one of us with a personal touch. I guess , more than the gifts , the message of including the extended family of the members to the COMC circle that came across gave a more pleasing and satisfying effect.
   We checked into our respective room and got ready to attend the inaugural ceremony of the 25th silver jubilee of ‘COMC’ and cultural evening meant for the children of the batchmates .
The evening started with two-minutes mourning silence for the eternal peace of the souls of the innocent killings that happened  a few days back in the state. After the traditional lighting up of the lamps by the children accompanied by their mothers , the evening gained its dazzling momentum with the soft syllables of Judy Ba anchoring the show. One by one, the kids performed leaving the audience awestruck. Each and every kid was special in their own way.They performed with utmost confidence, leaving their respective parents biting their nails with nervousness as to what they would do up on the stage. My daughters, Rimmy on the guitar and Pipi,my younger one, on the keyboard played a hindi number together which honestly made me bite my nails.I could recover from my nervousness only after their performance .
Under the able  co-ordination of Rashna ba and Rupnayan da  , the heart-touching homage presentation  paid to the two bereaved souls , Nirupam Goswami and Angela Marbaniang , made me shed a few drops of tears although I didn’t know anyone of them personally . Friendship immortalizes the selfless love it carries along with  it even when WE cease to exist.
Apart from the few couples who were from the same batch, most of the members were with their spouses from a non-medical  background or medicos of a different batch. While interacting with Ijaj da’s wife , I found out that she knew the stories she has been told by her husband about his GMC  days and was having fun relating the faces to the characters she has once imagined. I could feel her involvement in COMC through her husband that day. Perhaps, that is another way how friendship flourishes between a husband and a wife too.
 The Delhi group of batchmates including  Ritwick da, Nilanjan da, Nandini ba, Biswajyoti da , Diganta da, Manashi  ba presented a drama depicting a glimpse of the hostelers of Hostel No.2  of the wonder years with hilarious fervency enthralling the audience with amusement and resultant laughter echoing in the auditorium.
The most important proposition forwarded by Dipti Ba  that evening  made me  accept the fact that this particular batch really stand out from the rest .The proposition , forwarded and approved  by Rupnayan Goswami and was accepted unanimously  was  to register the COMC into a non-profit organization to cater their selfless services to the society at large.
What a noble thought to immortalize a legacy of friendship with such ardor!
The heart-warming aspect of the celebration is the bond of friendship they have cherished for as long as 25 years and still going strong year after year with every silver hair .They have taught me the true sense of friendship and the legacy it carries along with it. They parted to meet again and again in life.
The commendable efforts of Chandra Shekhar Bhattacharyya, Rupnayan Goswami, Soumarjyoti Hazarika, Diganta Deka, Durlobh Doley, Rupjyoti Goswami , Sonali Barman, Neelam Khound, Geetanjali Sahariah Khound and Minakshi Sarma made it a flawlessly successful event.

“I am inspired by your efforts and I know my words are not enough to justify your credibility that you have put into the successful execution of this event.  My apologies if I have misquoted anything. May your friendship grow forever and ever more.“

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Juggling thoughts !!

          As a child my mind always used to ask questions which my lips would seal them inside for the fear of making myself look stupid in front of others. Although I tried to be a very obedient child of my parents, somehow I would always land up becoming the culprit of one or the other mischief in our house.I would always try to explain my innocence but my lips would never cooperate. But my father has taught me many lessons while rectifying my mistakes which I have realized are helping me to look at life from a completely different perspective.
        A mother gives birth to a child by nurturing the little life inside her womb for nine months. She is considered as the person closest to her child and the child's absolute identity. Although I vehemently, speak and write about women and her powerful self,my perspective in this case seems to deviate far away from me being a feminist. As my fingers are typing and my mind working at the thought process of whatever comes out  in my column today should be considered very spontaneous and effortless.
        I regret of not saying ,"I love you , Deta !" so much today that tears would blur my vision every time I think about it. It's been 8 years since he left us for his heavenly abode. As a daughter myself, I feel , my father has a greater impact on the values I have learned in my life more than anyone else. He taught me to be independent and to stand up for what I believed to be right.
      The most significant teaching which got imprinted in my soul is the habit of bowing down at the feet of the elders to seek blessings which is considered so clumsy today and to touch the first toes of both the feet of that person. He explained that when you touch the first toes of that person you seek blessings from, a positive energy flows from the person's body to yours and the good thoughts emit good vibes. Ever since that explanation I found a new thrill to repeat the gesture wherever I could and began collecting blessings in the form of positive energy and vibes. I still don't know whether his teachings has any logical explanation but some things are better unexplained. And  I strongly believe that the bag of blessings has given me a lot of strength and energy to fight my battle in life.

         The hearts of the daughters are most strongly connected to their fathers than their mothers in a very special way. Therefore, a daughter tries to discover the qualities of her father in the personality of her life partner when she moves out from the shed of her father's love. The unraveling of her connection with her father while tying the knot appears to be more shattering than the happiness of uniting with the partner of her life for which she uncontrollably sobs the precious drops of pearls.Hence, this happens to be the most important as well as the herculean moment of a daughter's life.
                     " I have two daughters as beautiful  and pretty as can be
                       And hope they connect with their father's soul as beautifully !
           A daughter connected to the soul of her father always learn something special in life      
I know because I did learn somethings very specially even though he is no longer within my sight !"

Sunday, May 4, 2014

A twist of my life !

  I just can't live without smiling and laughing and something utterly wrong with me ? I am going through a twisted phase of my life in which somebody else would have become numb, they say. But I am so deeply occupied with my world of joy. In the past 3 years I have read a lot on positive attitude and have been feeding my mind every morning with a motivational quote. Could this be a reason of my light-mindedness?
         I am in my midlife and when most of my friends seem to follow a different thought process, I have a completely different process going on in my mind. Am I sanely becoming insane by any chance? But I am loving this insanity.
          When I look back at my days I have lived till now I see a lot of imperfect moments which I would have loved to rectify if only I had a time machine. But alas ! all I can do is to learn from the imperfections and live the rest of my days without regret. So I am all set to discover myself and my own magnetism . One afternoon when I was lying on my bed and looking at the blades of the ceiling fan revolving I realized that life too revolves very fast and drags us to invisibility at the end. Like the three blades of the ceiling fan , the three stages of life , childhood,adolescence and adulthood spins and drags us to the end and merges us into nothingness. It's up to us what we want to leave behind as an image when we cease to exist.
        I always loved to travel and tread new places and experience a brand new horizon every time. But like some women in our society I suppressed my desire until now. I happened to talk to a friend of mine last week about a trekking to a dreamland," valley of flowers" situated in Uttranchal about 3600m above sea level. And she, adventurous by nature, readily agreed to team up with me for the expedition in the month of July. Ever since we fixed up our dates for my very first desire to explore a fantasy land , I began to workout and prepare myself for the trek. As I am extracting knowledge about " the valley of flowers" from the internet I am growing more and more excited to take my fleet across the thousands of wild flowers in the valley in its full bloom and surprise the fairies ( a myth) in a clean swipe. Incidentally I bought a DSLR a couple of weeks back which is going to add colors to our journey and help us treasure every memory on our way to the paradise.

      "The Valley of Flowers", an Indian National Park, lies in the Chamoli district of Uttrakhand,is known for its meadows of endemic alpine flowers and variety of flora. It also is a home of some endangered species of animals like snow leopard, Asiatic black bear,brown bear,musk deer,blue sheep etc. The park stretches over an expanse of 87.5 square kilometers and is about 8 kms long and 2 kms wide. Instead of typing any information from other sites of the web I would prefer to experience and then tell my own story. So, wait for my story in the valley of flowers, talking to the fairies ,( if I get a chance to talk to them,that is ) with pictures to flare up your imagination and charge your spirit to tread the paradise yourself .

 See ya guys !!